What Is the Quality Algorithm Update?

The Quality Update is one of the more recent search updates that alters Google’s core algorithm. Yep, that’s right. That means it’s big.

Google confirmed this update on Twitter:

As with any other Google algorithm update, it has the very real potential of affecting your website’s search rankings.

Don’t worry, though. We’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll explain what this algorithm change is all about and how to keep your website in Google’s good graces.


What Is A Core Update?

We mentioned that this new update for Google is a change to its core algorithm. We also confirmed that this means it’s a big change. But what exactly does that mean? What is a core update, anyway?

It’s a good question, but unfortunately, it’s not easily answered. Google stays pretty tight-lipped about their search algorithms and how they work. Here’s what we do know:

  • Google fine-tunes its algorithms hundreds of times a year.
  • Sometimes these small algorithm updates are noticed by users and often, they’re noticed by webmasters. Sometimes, they go completely unnoticed.
  • A core update is a broader update that affects more search queries. It’s more likely to be noticed than other types of updates. It may even cause an uproar among the SEO community.
  • Core updates don’t usually target a specific improvement. Instead, they fundamentally change how the search algorithm works.

The Quality Algorithm Update: What It Means for Websites

Of course, the most important question is: How does all of this affect my search rankings?

Well, the first thing you need to know is that Google doesn’t hate you. That’s right—as cold and unrelenting as the search giant may seem from time to time, it’s really driven by one thing only—user experience.

Google Is Driven by User Experience

Google wants their searchers to have the best possible experience when using its search engine. Translation: It wants users to be able to find precisely what they’re looking for (aka relevant content) as quickly as possible.

So you see, Google doesn’t hate you. Google is indifferent to you.The only person the search engine cares about is the person using it. And for that person, it will do anything necessary to serve up the best content possible. That includes knocking your website down a few spots on SERPs. Ouch.

The Quality Update Rewards Quality

Yep. There’s a reason it’s called the Quality Update. This most recent Google update to cause a stir amongst website owners doesn’t punish poor quality sites, though. Well, at least not directly. Google says the algorithm change rewards sites with high-quality content that weren’t getting the rankings they deserved.

Focus On Content, Content, Content (Did We Mention Content?)

In its mission statement, Google says it’s primarily concerned with “helping everyone find the information they need.” That means the search engine is hyper-focused on high-quality, relevant content.

That’s what the Quality Algorithm Update is all about—high-quality, relevant content.

Google’s algorithms may change, but its overall mission will not.

The Quality Update Takeaway: Stay the Course

That said, we know it’s always disappointing to see a drop in your rankings. But if you’re delivering great content, then there’s really no reason to panic.

This Google algorithm update isn’t all that shocking, after all. The search engine has been pretty darn consistent about reminding us all of the importance of high-quality, relevant content.

And speaking of relevant content, you’ll want to keep visiting our page to check for Google updates like this one, so you and your website stay on top of all things Google.