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The cost of advertising on Google has increased by 400% in recent years and advertisers are looking back at yellow pages in search for customers 

Until recently advertisers purchased double truck advertising from the Verizon yellow pages, AT&T yellow pages and Hibu.  The process was simple for advertisers as they only had to contact their yellow page representative and review copy sheets to approve their advertisement.  Today advertisers are learning a whole new language of clicks, click thru rates, impressions, conversion rates, bounce rates, quality scores, landing pages and more.

It's important to note that print advertising still has tremendous value.  There is a large percentage of the population who still uses yellow pages directories to find business owners.  However business owners have made the decision that yellow page advertising has no value and therefore stopped purchasing ads

To show that print advertising still has value we'll do a simple return on investment comparison of both media options.  Previously a plumber could purchase a double truck advertisement in the yellow pages for $400 monthly.  That contractor would receive around 30 calls monthly for a cost per call of around $13.  Now, lets compare what that same plumbing contractor will pay online

Since Google only has 3 listings in the sponsored section advertisers have to bid for placement.  Today the cost to get a lead to a plumbers website through Google is around $30 however only 1 of 5 clicks results in a call for a cost per call of $150, not including management fees


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Unfortunately most yellow page companies have significantly downsized as a result of loss of revenue.  These organizations are now offering internet marketing programs like Google AdWords and search engine optimization.  However most consumers consider the yellow page companies just print and don't realize they offer online advertising solutions

Some of the most popular yellow page companies are DexMedia, DexYP, Hibu and Clark yellow pages.  Over the years these organizations have merged together to create synergetic efforts.  In 2013 SuperMedia and DexOne merged and created DexMedia.  Recently in 2017 DexMedia and YP merged to create DexYP.  

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If you are looking for a diversified advertising program it's smart to invest advertising revenue in both digital and print products.  As the advertising online becomes more expensive yellow page books will become more attractive for business owners.