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It’s been said that more than 50% of searches are now done on a mobile phone.  So, what does that mean for your business if you don’t have a mobile friendly website?  To start, it means that your website is probably being penalized and not receiving the organic placement it should be.  It also means that consumers will bounce off your website and buy from your competitor.

So how can we fix this?  One of the best places to purchase WordPress themes is Template Monster.  They provide thousands of mobile friendly options of any type of business, so your insured to find the perfect website theme.  They also show previews of what the website will look like on mobile phones and tablets.  This is the best way to ensure your website is going to look amazing  when consumers are shopping for your product of service!

It’s Simple To Use

WordPress is used by millions of business owners who can barely turn on their computers.  This is really a testament to how east the platform is.  When logging into the dashboard, there are a handful of options.  The place that you will spend most of your time is Pages.  This is where you will create your website content so that consumers will know what your product offerings are.

WordPress has taken the confusing out of web development.  There is no need to know web design code or edit the theme in any way.  Just install WordPress and upload your theme from Template Monster.  The rest is simple!


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Stephanie M.

– Jan 10, 2015

Since AdPros Marketing approached our business, we have never been busier and just about everyone who visits our website compliments us on how professional it looks. The ease to navigate through our product line up is amazing.

Gregory G.

– Nov 19, 2016

When we signed on with Ad Pros Marketing to rework our website and improve our SEO scores, we made only one mistake: we didn’t plan for success! With their help, our newly redesigned website traffic has already tripled and we’re scrambling to keep up.

Wayne Y.

– March 23, 2018

I’ve always respected my representative because he has more than 10 years experience.  I know he’s honest to a fault and always comes to me with new solutions to drive more customers to our growing business.