Social Media Marketing: 10 Things You Need to Know

Marketing doesn’t just happen in the newspaper anymore, and these days, social media isn’t just for getting more lives in Candy Crush!

Social media marketing is one of the most important ways a business (or anyone at all!) can market their services. Social media allows many companies to access those hard-to-reach parts of their markets, and helps them to stay relevant in consumers’ minds.

If you’re not using social media marketing already, well…you’d better start.

Here are 10 things you need to know about marketing on social media, including how it works and why it matters!

1. Social Media Marketing Really Matters

Like…it really, really matters.

According to Forbes, over 69% of small businesses snag customers through strategic, consistent use of social media. Studies also show that 60-66% of the entire U.S. consumer base is active on social media.

If you’re cool with accessing only 34-40% of your potential customers, then you don’t need social media marketing. If you think there are probably some valuable customers hidden in that 60-66% you’re missing out on by slacking on social media…you’re probably right!

2. Over Half the World Uses Social Media

Over 3.196 billion Internet users are active on social media. Each of those users averages about 5.5 social media accounts, spanning across different platforms and apps.

The age of the bulletin board flyers is behind us. Your potential consumer base spends too much time staring at their social media accounts to notice that piece of paper you’ve tacked up, despite the fact that you printed that ad in full color.

With over half the entire world active on social media, you’d be a fool not to take advantage of the platforms provided for you!

3. Social Media Marketing Only Works if You Know Your Audience

While it’d be awesome to wrangle all 4 billion-ish social media users in the world, we aren’t all Kylie Jenner. When working toward killer social media marketing, you’ll first need to determine the main audience you’re after.

If you’re only going for teen girls, you may be able to focus your social media marketing on Snapchat and Instagram. If you’re looking to access an older generation, a regular blog and a fun Facebook page may work best.

Determining the major audience you’re hoping for can help your company build its brand and persona in the way that’ll best capture that audience’s attention.

4. The Best Social Media Marketing is Consistent

One of the most important aspects of running a successful social media marketing campaign is keeping the whole deal consistent.

Are you staying relevant by posting regular, useful content? Or are you forgetting about the whole gig completely for a couple weeks at a time?

Posting consistently (though not incessantly!!) is the #1 way to remain relevant in customers’ minds. When you make awesome social media posts on a regular basis, your brand becomes a natural part of your customers’ daily routine, keeping thoughts of your business familiar and important.

5. Good Social Media Marketing is Scheduled

One of the only ways to ensure your marketing is consistent and successful is to plan ahead when it comes to posting social media content. That’s right–no spur-of-the-moment “can’t sleep!” tweets.

If you’re hoping to run a great social media campaign, you ought to be purchasing a planner. Be intentional about what you post and when. Schedule your social media interactions so your content seems fresh and thoughtful.

Drafting detailed social media schedules may seem over the top, but the truth is, it’s the only real way to ensure your content is good, consistent, and able to reach different sectors of your market.

6. Social Media Marketing Requires Goals

Again–social media marketing, when effective, isn’t something that should be done on a whim.

Great social media requires goals that are specific, measurable, and time-bound. Your social media content calendar should be structured around what it’ll take to meet your goals, and it should be adjusted as necessary.

Without goals for your social media marketing, there won’t be any way to tell whether or not your campaign is working. Decide what, exactly, your point is in all this social media outreach work, and go get it!

7. The More Original, the Better Your Social Media Marketing

When it comes to planning your social media marketing campaign and setting goals, remember that it’s important for whatever content you post to be both original and fresh.

Posted two promotional blogs in a row? Consider posting a fun Q&A next. If you haven’t posted a video in a while, get one up ASAP!

Keeping your content original and fresh is the best possible way to keep your audience’s attention. If you post the same stuff every day, they’ll get bored quickly. Keep them on their toes with fresh, original stuff!

8. Social Media Works Best in Combination

While social media is sometimes spoken about in a way that gives it an air of magic, it’s still a pretty miracle-free deal. You’ve got to work strategically in order to help your social media to reach its full potential.

Social media works really well when combined with email marketing. Including seed links to your social media posts or blogs in your email chains can work wonders for introducing customers to your social media presence.

Even classic marketing strategies like paper marketing and traditional Internet ads can work perfectly to help kickstart your social media game, especially early on.

9. Social Media is Always Changing

Because of many infamous social media algorithms, the perfect social media strategy can be nearly impossible to nail down. Once your company’s pages start to get hot–bam, you’re only pulling 4 likes per post.

Consulting social media analytics and revising your social media strategy as you go is super important. Social media marketing, when done right, will always keep you on your toes.

It’s important, too, to pay attention to the trending platforms with your audience at all times. Facebook used to be the place to be for young adults–now it’s mostly the place for reading about Aunt Karen’s recent hip surgery.

10. You Can Make Strides to Optimize

While most social media content works differently than that first page of Google hits, you can still take measures to ensure your social media marketing content is optimized for its platforms.

This means keeping up with refreshing profiles, including photos and bios, and using target keywords to keep your profiles and content relevant at all times. Consider paying for a little boost, or hosting a giveaway or other social media marketing hack that’ll boost your profiles among customers every few months.

The bottom line is: Keep things fresh and never get lazy.

Want More on Social Media Marketing?

When it comes to social media marketing, there’s an insane amount of potential marketing for businesses. It’s no wonder you’re excited to learn more about it!

For more information on social media marketing and how your business can step up its game, check out the rest of our content!