Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Did you know that social media management includes three major disciplines?  They include social listening, social engagement and social analytics review.  With that being said, social listening really includes all the conversations that occur about your business.  Social engagement is simply the act of engaging individuals who are talking about your company.  You can send them a simple note of appreciation that asks if you can help them in any way.

Most of these interactions should be a one-on-one basis with you customers across all social media platforms like facebook, instagram, youtube, snapchat and more!  Lastly, social media analytics review will provide stats on how your brand is performing across the social networks.  This is where you can review your AB testing which will indicate which ad copy your customers respond to better.

Developing A Social Media Strategy

Developing a social media strategy must be an intricate part of your online business plan.  Its important to establish your social media campaign so that you can meet your marketing goals, and connect with your customers.  One of the first steps to social media management is deciding which social channels to use.  You need to figure out what types of post get the most attention and when to post them.

Our marketing consultants have found that if you post on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, your business will receive almost twice the amount views compared to other days in the week.  Furthermore, the best hours to post on is 7:00AM and 12:30PM.  These are some of the best hours because more individuals who are on social media check their account in the morning and during lunch.  In addition, in order to keep your clientele engaged, you need to post on a regular basis.

But posting during these key hours have no effect without engaging content.  With that being said, its important to review your social media analytics and review what type of content your audience likes best.  You need to speak to your customers needs and challenges.  For social media marketing ideas, just call our our advertising company.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization, otherwise known as SMO is one of the most important factors in increasing your search engine rankings.  Social Media management campaigns are often neglected by business owners even though they account for almost 30% of overall ranking factors.  Below are 7 ways in which you can optimize your social media:

1) Social Media Buttons On Website

You should always use industry best practices while optimizing social media.  With that being said, you should always have social media links on your website where website visitors can easily locate your facebook, instagram, youtube and more.  In addition, you should also have social media sharing buttons on your blog posts.  This will not only help your customers think about your brand more often, but also learn about industry updates and new product offerings.

2) Post Regularly

Posting on social media is one of the most effective marketing platforms on the market.  This is because most of us check our accounts multiple times daily and even make buying decisions based on what we see.  If this isn’t reason enough to post daily, here are other benefits that you can reap:  increased brand awareness, higher SERP rankings, better conversion rates and brand loyalty.

3) Include Keywords In Your Posts

If you want to maximize social media exposure, you need to add keywords within ever post.  In fact, you should be working on your social media keyword research prior to even thinking about your next post.  Put it this way, if your clients are looking for the word dog grooming in Los Angeles – you need that exact keyword within your content.  See, what search engines and social media networks do is pull keywords from your posts to help give their users a better experience.

4) Be Social On Social Media

Social Media isn’t just about adding another network you can advertise your business on – its also a great way to communicate with your clientele.  Social signals are an important factor in your search engine optimization as mentioned above.  It all comes down to how often you are posting, how you interact with individuals and if you have social media links on your website.  We all forget that the intent of these social media platforms is to build lifelong relationships.  Social Media is not a set it and forget it type of medium.

5) Display Branded Cover Images

It’s so important to brand your business.  Most social media platforms have branded images in which you can place your logo, or an influential image.  In fact, every social media platform should have the same cover image as this will keep your brand consistent across all sites.  Most platforms have size recommendations that you should adhere to so that your image will look its best.  For example, facebook has a 40X40 pixel logo space that your logo needs to fit in.  If your logo is too large or small, you can send it to a marketing expert and have them edit in photoshop.

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