Pigeon update for SEO

What Does the Pigeon Update Mean for my SEO?


One of the biggest algorithm updates to date has been the Google Pigeon update in July of 2014. This was another algorithm update that primarily affected local search results, but it made a huge impact in the SEO world. In fact, SEOs across the world were reporting daily changes for weeks after the Pigeon update was announced.


The overall purpose of the Pigeon update was to give preference to local websites in the search results. This was met with mixed reviews initially, but like all things that Google does, was done with the intention of making the users’ lives easier.


One of the biggest shake ups of the Pigeon update was the removal of the 7-pack listing. Previously, there were seven local listings that appeared when a user searched. After the Pigeon update, that was trimmed down to only three. Now that three is the norm, it does not seem that drastic, but rest assured this was a very big deal when it first rolled out.


If you are a local business, then the Pigeon update definitely made a big impact on your website. If it is important for you to rank high on those super local terms, then it is important to focus on those in your SEO strategy. Make sure you are optimizing for those hyperlocal keywords and phrases! This is a great thing to employ an SEO agency’s help with. There are plenty of businesses who specialize in doing just that.