Penguin SEO Update

Penguin for SEO

Penguin SEO Update


1. What is the purpose of Penguin?

Google has a war on low quality website content and backlinks.  To really understand the purpose behind this just remember that Google is a business and poor user experience can result in a loss of website traffic.  For years, web developers have been taking the easy route and purchasing backlinks, which is considered black hat SEO.

2. What was the impact of the Penguin algorithm?

According to surveys, only 5% of websites were negatively impacted as a result of the 2012 update.

3. How can I prevent a decrease in website traffic?

To start you should always use high quality original content.  This will drive more traffic to your website as clientele will be interested in reading about your particular subject.  Furthermore, quality content proves to potential customers that you understand your business and that they can trust you.

In addition, you should never buy backlinks.  Its important to build natural backlinks through guest posting, blogging and creating high quality content that other resources will link to.

4. How do I delete spammy backlinks?

Google has created a program called the Disavow tool.  You can submit your website to the platform asking for Google to take into consideration backlinks that are pointing to your website that  you have no control over.  However, you should try to clean up spammy links pointing to your website with tools like link delete.


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