Panda SEO Update

Panda SEO

Panda SEO Update


If you’ve been managing your companies website, your probably interested in hearing about the Google algorithm update Panda.  With that being said, here are some interesting facts about the search engine update.

1. Why did Google create the Panda update?

Google has noticed that website content has been deteriorating over the years.  With that being said, its a well known fact that Google wants to provide the best user experience, but is unable to of websites with poor content are being indexed in the top ranks.

2. When was the new algorithm update launched?

Google launched the Panda update February 23, 2011.  This was one of the largest algorithm updates that Google has made.  Thousands of websites that were cheating the system with duplicate content, spam and other content violations were de-indexed.

3. What has Google told us about the update?

Matt Cutts developed a list of questions for frequent searchers that were intended to compare various ranking signals between good websites and poor ones.  Many of the questions were geared towards trusting a websites credibility.  Sites that they found were untrustworthy with poor content were penalized by the search engine.

4. Can my website recover from the Panda algorithm update?

The path to recovery is possible, however will be very difficult.  As mentioned previously, Google rewards websites with high quality content that provide users with an excellent experience.  Many business owners today are more focused on the appearance of their website, rather than the quality of content.