Palmdale Marketing Company

Palmdale Marketing Company

Palmdale Marketing CompanyHave you been looking for a marketing company in Palmdale, CA?  We know how frustrating it can become interviewing marketing company after marketing company.  After all, this choice can be the difference between keeping your doors open, or closing them.

You want to hire a marketing company who has a track record of success and that can show you performance statistics for existing client, and don’t just let them show you the good ones…review them all!

Below are the major reasons why business owners in Palmdale use us as their preferred Palmdale advertising company:


One of the most crucial requirements to hiring an Antelope Valley marketing company is experience.  In fact, our team has nearly eleven years The most important requirement to hiring a AV marketing company is experience working with Antelope Valley business owners.  The truth is that we manage in excess of one million dollars in advertising revenue for a handful of companies across Southern California.  The majority of our clients are looking for AV web design, SEO and social media management.

Search Engine Optimization helps increase the organic ranking of ones website on search engines like Google.  Below are some of the techniques used to increase your website in the organic search results:

Keyword research is truly the foundation for all SEO programs.  There are many free SEO tools available on the market like Seed Keywords, SERP Stat and Answer The Public.  One of our personal favorites is answer the public because is provides a full spectrum of SEO keyword ideas with just touch of a button.  There are also paid keyword idea tools available on the market like SpyFu.  This program genuinely allows you to spy on your computers, learning what keywords they are using, how hard they are to rank for and where they are gaining their backlinks from.  These tools will help your website climb in the search results.

Now that your keyword research has been completed, its time to write high quality website content with your keywords within them.  However, keep in mind that Google has really changed the way websites rank with their latest algorithm Rank Brain.  This new algorithm makes marketing companies use search terms rather than keywords.  A great example is “find an the best coffee shop in San Diego” instead of “coffee shop San Diego.”  So be cognizant of the terms your using.

Permalinks are clickable URL’s that take consumers to a specified destination.  One of the best ways to optimize your permalinks is to have your keyword within the link.  So, if you want to rank for “lawyer advertising” you should have that word within your link, with dashes between each keyword.  We know its complicated, but just call for more info on this.


Every business owner out there knows that affordability is key.  After all, who’s wants to overpay for a Palmdale marketing service?  Our team understands how you feel because most of us worked for large marketing companies for nearly a decade.  We saw how customers were uncomfortable with their rates, but the company we worked for was too large and didn’t care if customers canceled as a result.  We promise, this will never be the case with AdPros Marketing.  We are an affordable marketing company today, and will be one in ten years down the road!


How many of you have hired a Palmdale marketing firm to never have heard from your advertising rep again after the contract is signed?  There are so many business owners out there who deal with this tragedy on a daily basis.  You can rest assured that our marketing consultants are required to make one monthly call to review performance and make changes.  This is part of the agreement you sign and we promise you’ll hear from us on the 1st of every month.

So, if your looking for a website company to help with your SEO or social media, just give us a call.  Our consultations are 100% free and you will not be asked to sign anything.  We leave that part up to you!  Call the best marketing company in Palmdale today!