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Reputation management programs assist business owners with gaining high quality five star reviews while preventing poor reviews.  This program works by generating listings on your website and email that ask for reviews.  If the user provides your business with a five star or four star review it will be published.  However, if the consumer gives your business a review of three of less it doesn't post.  At that point the review is sent to your private email to fix the problem with the consumer

This can be reputation management program can be incredibly useful if your business has a tarnished reputation or yours looking to increase your companies reputation.  Today many business owners have told our consultants that they are worried that former employees for competing businesses are writing bad reviews to gain an economic edge on the competition.  These problems can cost your business thousands if potential customers believe they are true

In addition if your organization is looking for top talent they will probably research your company before the interview.  If the job seeker views negative reviews about your business across the web they may not want to work there!

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A great reputation manager will review websites like ripoff report where many consumers go when they are really upset.  Over the years this website has become more and more popular for consumers who are seeking to make a purchase decision.  


The forum allows business owners to reply to the negative review, but most business owners don't realize the review is there until they google themselves.  To ensure your business doesn't loose precious revenue from poor or inaccurate reviews, please contact our consultants today

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The foundation of any successful reputation management program is an in-depth review of your circumstances

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