Hummingbird SEO Update

Hummingbird SEO

Hummingbird SEO Update

Are you looking for a quick and easy explanation about the Google Hummingbird SEO update?  Great, here are the most important facts about one of the most influential updates Google has ever made

1. What date did Google Hummingbird start?

The new algorithm was rolled out in September 27, of 2013.  In fact, this date was the 15th anniversary of the search engines founding.

2. What exactly is Google Hummingbird?

The predecessors of Hummingbird were Panda and Penguin.  However, these two algorithm updates were additions to an already existing algorithm that Google had in place.  With that being said, Hummingbird was a brand new Google algorithm update that regulated the search queries based on specific searches.

3. What is the purpose of the new Hummingbird algorithm?

As search engine users become more aquatinted with how the platform works, Google changed its search queries from a keyword search based experience to a conversational search based experience.  What does this mean?  Well, in the past, individuals would search for Los Angles Hamburgers, however searchers are now using terms like “Find me the best Hamburger joint in Los Angeles.”  The algorithm update was ultimately implemented to understand longer search queries.

4. But why did Google call it Hummingbird?

Googles ultimate goal is to provide precise and fast search results.  Since the population has changed the way it searched, Google called it Hummingbird because Hummingbirds are fast and precise.

5. Will the new search algorithm affect my rankings?

Every update that Google rolls out can have an affect on your website traffic.  However, there haven’t been many sudden losses of website traffic as of yet as a result of the search engine update.  With that being said, its safe to check your Google Analytics to review traffic changes from 2012 – 2013.