How To Make Awesome YouTube Videos In 5 Steps

YouTube boasts almost 2 billion logged-in users per month! Don’t ignore video blogging (vlogging) if you’re marketing your company. You’re missing a lot of potential customers if you’re not using video content.

Google searches have video results too.

Using email newsletters? Half your customers click away unless the email contains a link to a video. And video increases dwell time.

Boost your brand using videos. It’s fun and simple. Not sure how?

Read on for information about how to make a YouTube video in 5 steps.

1. Topic Ideation

You can’t shoot your videos without one major thing: valuable content ideas.

Coming up with great ideas isn’t hard. Give your viewers something that matters. If you run a plumbing company, show your viewers how to fix a clogged sink or toilet.

This type of content is “evergreen,” on social video because it’s always valuable. It’s content that answers your viewers’ questions. Always include brand recognition through logos and colors.

Yes, you’re giving part of your product away, but that’s valuable. If a client watches your videos for a simple fix, they’ll think of you when they need help with a complicated matter.

At the end of the video, don’t forget your “call to action.” Ask your viewer to click on a link for that book you’re selling or for a free consultation.

2. Write the Video Script

So you’ve decided video marketing is right for you. You’ve brainstormed some great ideas, and now you need a script to turn your content into videos. Pretend you’re writing a great blog post, only more interactive.

Take your first topic and write the entire script out. Read the sentences out loud to make sure they’re easy to say. Keep things simple. If it takes too much brain power for your viewers to understand and follow, they’ll click away.

3. How to Film Videos

Now it’s time to get the actual filming done.


Lighting is a complicated matter, but don’t let it scare you. Making great videos isn’t that hard. A well-lit subject makes your video look high quality, even with an inexpensive camera.

If you’re sitting in front of the camera with light coming from behind, the face appears dark. Make sure there’s a light on the subject’s face. Avoid harsh lights too close to the subject.

If you’re going low budget, move a few house lamps around until you the subject is well lit. If the lighting is harsh, put a light piece of see-through fabric over the lamp. The fabric diffuses the light, making it softer.

While setting up your lights, look at your background. Is it busy? Is there a lot of furniture and other distractions? It’s important to have a clean background. Otherwise, the viewer’s eye won’t stay on the subject.

Use a white or gray clean background if possible. If your budget is small, go to the thrift store and pick up some white sheets. Tape them to the wall and you’ve got the perfect background.

Get creative! Don’t let money hold you back. Even professional videos don’t need a huge financial output.


Today’s camera options are endless. Don’t forget the little option in your pocket. If you’ve got a newer-style smartphone, it’s not necessary to buy a new camera.

The newest smartphones have great cameras that’ll work fine for beginning YouTube vloggers.

A laptop or desktop with a built-in camera is also an option. But if your computer is older than a couple of years, think about investing in a small camera. For less than $100, you’ll find cameras on Amazon that are more than up for the job.

If you own a digital single-lens reflex, you’re in luck. A good Canon or Nikon DSLR has built-in video capabilities. These cameras render excellent professional-grade videos.

Instead of snapping a still photo, push the record button. Read your owner’s manual for basic instructions about recording video. If you can’t find your manual, Google it!

Don’t spend a lot of money on professional-grade equipment the first time out. It’s not necessary.


Viewers want to see a great Internet video, but they’ll click away immediately if they can’t hear you. The sound is even more important than the video. If the microphone on your camera doesn’t pick up your voice, buy an external microphone.

Small, inexpensive Lavalier microphones get the job done. Pick one up off the Internet for $25.00.

There’s a lot of background hiss and noise in most recordings. A noise-reducing filter does a great job getting rid of the distracting noises.

Short clips are easier when filming to create engaging videos.

Memorize only one or two lines per clip instead of a whole page of words for a longer video. Have someone say the whole line. You repeat the line back while recording, then edit out the prompter’s voice later.

Once you’ve recorded every line, you’re ready for editing. See, it isn’t that hard to make engaging videos!

4. Editing Your Videos

Once you’ve recorded the video, download Adobe Premiere Pro on your computer.

The jury’s still out on jump cuts, but most people use them. What’s a jump cut? It’s a video made by editing together lots of short video clips.

If you’re great at memorizing lines and you don’t need the jump cuts, don’t use them. A long video without jump cuts looks professional and holds the viewer’s attention.

Download the video clips into Adobe Premiere Pro. The first couple of videos take a while, but you’ll get faster as you learn. Problems? There are lots of free tutorials on the Internet.

In the editing phase, run a noise-removal filter on the recording. Do a quick search on YouTube for instructions.

Avoid the use of too many special effects until you’re experienced.

5. How to Upload to YouTube

Uploading your new video to YouTube is easy.

Create a YouTube account with your company name. You’ll need a Gmail account first. Once you’ve entered your YouTube account, you’ll see an “Upload” button at the top of the screen.

Upload your finished video to YouTube. Don’t forget to include a title, video description, and tags. Optimizing your videos for SEO is important!

Make a YouTube Video

Now you know how to make a YouTube video in a budget-friendly and easy manner. Videos are the future. Prospective customers prefer watching videos versus reading. Remember your viewers and their needs.

Answer relevant questions with valuable content that’s always fresh. Update often and don’t forget your “call to action.”

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