Hosting Matters

Hosting Matters


When you open your business and look for hosting providers, you’ll see hundreds of options ranging from  Host Gator, Dream Host, GoDaddy and more.  However, when choosing a hosting provider you need to find one that will best fit you needs.

Most start-up companies that are looking for cheap hosting can find it for only a few dollars per month.  But these standard hosting p


roviders aren’t very customizable for your exact business needs.  Not to mention that most custom built websites aren’t going to perform well with standard hosting solutions.

Hosting Customization

Custom managed hosting solutions are designed for organizations with unique support requirements.  Most companies that need customized hosting solutions are rather large and have complex hosting environments.  Our team can help provide your company with cost effective hosting services wheth

er your operating on a single hosting server or a broad mix within your data box.  Our information technology professionals have the time, flexibility and skills to sure your companies hosting is both reliable and secure.

SSL Certificates

Secure Sockets Layer, otherwise known as SSL Certificates aid in the cryptographic process which helps keep communication safe online.  When purchasing an SSL certificate, you will receive a serial number, issuer signature and expiration date.  Once the SSL certificate is issued, our team will have it installed on the hosting server.  At that point, you can access your website with peace of mind with an HTTPS in front of your domain name.

Benefits Of SSL Certificates


There are eight major benefits to having an SSL certificate on your website.  These benefits range from data safety, increased sales and search engine optimization rankings.

  1. Did you know that almost 85% of website users would abandon a purchase from your website if they knew their data was being send over an unsecured connection?  This is why most e-commerce websites have an SSL certificate.
  2. In the past, Google has indicated that their goal is to have a fully secured internet.  This means that websites with SSL certificates may have increased organic rankings as a result.
  3. Google Chrome labels websites w
  4. ith HTTP as insecure.  In fact they warn users before clicking on the website.  This is another major reason why you need an SSL
  5. Did you know that websites with HTTPS load at almost twice the rate than websites that don’t?  This can have a direct impact on your online website rankings and sales.
  6. According to a recent study by Google, more than 65% all websites have switched to HTTPS.  Its time that your business does as well.
  7. Multiple online studies have found that websites with secure access rank higher in search rankings.
  8. Almost 70% of websites with first page placement on Google have an SSL certificate.
  9. Since 2014, HTTP sites have been included in Googles ranking signals.  They are giving all website owners a big hint that non SSL certificate sites are going to suffer.