Google Update Throwback: All About Universal Search and Blended Results

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The Google algorithms are on a constantly changing basis. Google strives to improve the user experience and always show the best results.

Every year, Google makes between 400-500 changes to their algorithm. Sometimes, these changes are so small you don’t even notice them. But other times are complete overhauls which change the platform completely.

One of these big changes came all the way back in 2007. It was the year of the first iPhone, the last Harry Potter book, and Google’s Universal Search feature.

Let’s cast our minds back and learn all about the Universal Search Google update and its impact on SEO today.

Google’s Biggest Update: Universal Search

Google’s Universal Search algorithm was one of the biggest Google updates. It reshaped the way Google worked completely.

Once, Google showed search results as 10 simple links, nothing more. Universal Search means you can search for something and find more results than ever. It combines the different Google search features such as books, images and videos. This made it easier for more relevant results to show on the main search page.

This was a huge move for Google. It improved the user experience and offered more results than ever before.

What Are Blended Results?

What exactly are blended results anyway? When Google began, they only showed text-based results.

But the blended results feature changed that. Before, users had to remember each of the different search features to find their search term. Now, it would show blended results from news, images, book, and video listings.

Users could now search on the initial Google page and see a combined list of all these results in one place. It made the interface simple and showed the most relevant results much faster.

So, what’s the difference between Universal search and Blended results? Universal search means you can search for a broader spectrum of things. Once you’ve searched, Blended results will show you a wide range of mediums for your topic.

How to Get Good Rankings in Universal Search

One of the key features of good marketing is good SEO. Universal search makes it easier to get better search engine rankings.

There are a few ways you can use the blended search feature to improve your search engine optimization. First, you must gain an understanding of your own rankings as well as your competitor’s. How do you compare and how can you win the edge over them?

Another way is to make a range of content that people engage with. Whether it’s through blog posts or video marketing, make stuff that people want to share. It will increase the click through rate to your site and convert into sales.

Also, make sure not to forget about your local SEO rankings. Sure, it feels good to check the analytics and see people from around the world visiting your site. But locals are the ones who will use your products and services more. Update your social media often and put your location on Google maps.

The blended search feature will filter all this information into one search. People can find your content, website, social media and address at a glance. It offers your brand more exposure with one search result! The more you add to it, the better your search engine results page will be.

What Else Influences Universal Search?

Since Google is a complicated but well-oiled machine, there are a lot of factors in play here. It’s not as simple as adding a load of content and getting great results.

There are myriad factors which influence Google’s Universal search. Positions, numbers, and frequencies of results shown depend on the keywords used too. Using the right keywords is a massive part of successful marketing for high SERP rankings.

The results also depend on other things too. A user’s search history will make a difference. Google’s Suggested search feature plays a part in what shows up. If the user logs into their Google account, they’ll have personalized results

Even the device used to search with makes a difference! If a user is searching using a smartphone, tablet or laptop device, it will show sites optimized for those.

Blended results and personalized results mean that each user gets different results. The information Google gathers is a big influence on results. You need to get to know your customers well to appear in their Universal searches.

How Diverse Are Universal Searches Now?

Back in the day, Google didn’t have anywhere near as many results options as it does today. Then, they could only show results for videos, books, news, local and images.

But now, Google is smarter than ever. There are hundreds of possible search results which make it even more helpful. Some of these include maps, flights, currency converters, and even job listings!

If you wanted to see when the latest movie showing was on, you’d find it on the first page with ease. You could translate an international text or check the traffic before you left the house.

The more Google learns about what its users want, the more results it will show. Information is right there at your fingertips and it’s easier to find than ever before.

What Will the Next Google Update Bring to Universal Search?

It’s clear that the Universal Search Google update changed the face of Google forever. It made it so much easier to find what you were looking for. Google’s aim is to provide the best search results to its users. It will continue to do this with every update in the future.

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