First Blog Post? Here Are 10 Steps to Make It Awesome

Are you going to be launching a blog soon?

Know that you’re going to be facing some tough competition from all the other bloggers out there. There are more than 30 million blogs in the U.S. alone at this time.

That number might be a little bit intimidating. It might even be enough to make you rethink the idea of starting a blog in the first place.

But you can launch a successful blog…if you take the right approach!

From the time you put up your very first blog post, you should strive to find your voice as a blogger. You should also utilize good SEO practices and incorporate internal and external links into your blog.

But most importantly, you should make sure your blog doesn’t suck. Here are 10 steps that’ll help you accomplish that goal.

1. Choose a Specific Topic for Your Blog

This might seem like the most obvious advice in the world.

Most of you are probably thinking: “Duh! Of course I’m going to choose a topic for my blog!”

But you might be surprised by how many people start blogs without focusing in on a topic. They’re left with a blog that appeals to everyone and no one at all since it’s not nearly specific enough.

Writing a blog about, say, parenting is fine. But what can you do to make your parenting blog different from all the others?

Make. It. More. Specific.

How about a parenting blog for parents who can’t stand how much their teenagers use technology? Or how about a parenting blog for parents who struggle to get their kids to eat?

There are probably thousands and thousands of parents out there who would say, “Finally! A blog for someone like me,” after reading a blog about one of those two topics.

By making your topic as specific as you can get it, you can attract more readers over time.

2. Figure Out Who the Target Audience for Your Blog Is

If you’re having trouble coming up with a specific blog topic, think about who you want to come to your blog to read it.

Do you think your blog is going to be something that all the single parents out there are going to want to read?

Do you think it’s going to be something that’ll be great for parents with more than 10 kids?

Or do you think it’ll be better for some other group of parents looking for a blog that represents them?

The sooner you can figure out who your target audience is, the better off you’ll be. If you can find out before writing your first blog post, you’ll get yourself ahead of the game.

3. Learn How to Create Content for the Web

If you’re going to be an effective blog writer, you need to learn how to…





Okay, okay, so you want to include more than one word per paragraph. But you don’t want to fill your blog with a bunch of paragraphs that have 95 sentences in them.

Make your paragraphs one, two, or, at the most, three sentences long. It’ll keep people reading when they visit your blog.

4. Find Ways to Inject Personality Into Your Writing

No matter how specific you make your blog topic, there’s a good chance that someone out there already has a blog about the same thing.

Soooo, what makes your unique?

The answer is simple: It’s written by YOU. And you have something different to offer than anyone else.

Find a way to capture your voice and work it into your writing as often as you can. People will appreciate when they pick up on your personality in your writing.

5. Be Opinionated!

In addition to establishing your voice in your first blog post, you also need to let people know that you have opinions you want to share.

You think it’s ridiculous that so many parents let their kids use their cell phones at the dinner table.

You think it’s crazy that parents allow kids to eat pancakes for every meal because that’s the only thing they’ll eat without being fussy.


Well, you get the point, right? Have an opinion–and share it with the world!

Your opinions are important and will be what people come back to you for time and time again.

6. Pick Out the Right Photos for Your Blog

Your lead photo is probably going to be the first thing people see when they check out your first blog post.

It needs to capture their attention and make them want to read what you actually have to say.

Don’t just look around for photos and choose the first one you find. Chances are, a million and one other bloggers did the same thing.

Instead, do some digging around to find high-quality photos. Or better yet, shoot some photos of your own to make them completely unique to your blog!

Investing time into photo selection will pay off in a big way from the beginning.

7. Break Up Your Blog With Videos, Infographics, and More

As we mentioned earlier, most people don’t have the attention span to read through big blocks of text.

They also don’t have the attention span to read through smaller blocks of text when they’re all jumbled together.

So break them up with videos, infographics, photos, social media posts, and whatever else you can find to create some separation between your words in your first blog post.

It’ll keep people scrolling down to the end of your blog. And at the end of the day, that should be your goal each and every time you write something.

8. Come Up With an Amazing Blog Title

“Parenting Is Tough.” “Parents Don’t Have It Easy.” “A Parent Has to Make Hard Decisions.”

If you slapped one of those titles on your first blog post, you wouldn’t be wrong. But you also wouldn’t be bringing in many readers.

Those titles are so straightforward and bland that most people probably wouldn’t even notice them.

Instead, come up with a blog title that will basically force people to click on your blog and read it. Something like:

  • “10 Reasons Why Parenting in 2018 Is Harder Than It’s Ever Been”
  • “Why You Need to Tell Your Kid to Put the Cell Phone DOWN at Dinner”
  • “A Complete Guide to Getting Your Picky Child to Finish a Meal”

These blog titles create a lot more intrigue. They stir up some emotion in readers and make them want to see what you have to say.

9. Proofread Your First Blog Post Before It Goes Live

This should really go without saying. But, please: Proofread your first blog post before you put it up!

Readers might be willing to forgive one or two tiny spelling or grammatical errors. But if you have mistakes all over the place, they’re going to click the X button and exit your blog as quickly as possible.

Learn the difference between “they’re,” “there,” and “their” and make sure your writing is as tight as you can get it.

10. Prepare to Put Up Your Second Blog Soon

You put up your first blog post. People LOVE it. They come back to your blog every day for a week to see what you have planned for an encore.

A week goes by…and nothing yet.

They wait for another week. Same result.

Another week. Same result.

Finally, you put up a second blog post almost a month later. You’re so excited to connect with your readers again!

But guess what? They’re all gone. And they’re not coming back.

Consistency is key when you start a blog. If you can’t commit to blogging at least once or twice a week, you probably shouldn’t even bother.

Your blog is going to become an afterthought in no time when you take too long to give the people what they want.

Ready to Start Your Blog?

Starting a blog is a great way to give a business website a boost. It’s also a great way to create a website that eventually becomes profitable.

Follow the steps listed here when you create your first blog post, and you shouldn’t have any trouble getting your blog off the ground. You’ll be bringing in new readers and building a following before long.

Read our blog for more tips on running a successful blogging operation.