Attorney Advertising Made Simple – Your Step-By-Step Guide

There is a great deal of competition among law firms, so it may be difficult to stand out. This is especially true if your firm has a very specific niche that it services. Even if you’re a marketing novice, you probably know that all law offices need to have a website. In addition, you’ve probably heard that incorporating social media, blogging, and focusing on SEO are also important to your digital marketing plan. To help you create a powerful marketing plan for your firm, we’ve created this guide to attorney advertising made simple.

As a busy attorney, you don’t have time to dedicate to marketing initiatives that may not create results. The truth is, not there is not a one size fits all marketing plan that will suit every law firm. However, there are some best practices that nearly every law firm can benefit from. To help you avoid wasting time and money, we have put together this comprehensive digital marketing guide for law firms. Read on to learn about the areas where you should focus your marketing efforts.

First, Define Your Brand

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Within this guide, you’ll learn a number of best practices for marketing your law firm. However, there is not a single digital marketing approach that will work for every law firm. The first step towards effectively marketing your business is defining your brand.

What makes your law firm different? How do you differ from your competitors? What does your customer avatar look like? For instance, if you specialize in family law, your marketing messages may have a more compassionate tone. Whereas if you specialize in personal injury cases you may want to portray a firmer voice.

Once you’ve established your brand’s core values, make sure your company website reflects them. In any case, your website design should be easy for potential clients to navigate. However, what will make your website stand out the most is the content. When crafting the messaging for your website, make sure that visitors will instantly have a sense of your areas of expertise, your level of experience, and any other special qualities your firm brings to the table. There should be an area on your website where you highlight successful cases. This will help potential clients know if you’re well-versed in situations like theirs.

Lastly, it’s important to have some sort of lead capture mechanism set up on your company website. This can be as simple as placing a call to action to fill out a contact form and request a “free consultation” on the bottom of each page of your website. Once all this is done, you can turn your attention to attracting more qualified leads to your website.

8 Steps to Increasing Your Firms Visibility Online

Most of your potential clients will likely research law firms online before reaching out for a consultation. For that reason, it’s very important that you have a strong online presence. Having a website with your basic company information is important, but it’s only the first step. Digital marketing offers many different opportunities for you to promote your law firm, many of which are free. Here are seven of the top ways law firms can increase their visibility online:

Audit Your Online Reviews

Online Review Management

Chances are, even if you haven’t taken any steps to gain online reviews, there are people who have reviewed your business online. This is especially true if your firm has been around for a while already. It’s important that you periodically check to see what people are saying about your business online. If you’re firm is receiving favorable reviews, you can highlight those reviews in your marketing materials.

If you’ve been on the receiving end of some less than favorable feedback, look at is as a valuable learning experience. Talk to your team about how you can improve your service. Further, make sure that review sites your company is listed are accurately depicting your location, hours, and contact information.

Paint Yourself as an Expert

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Choosing an attorney can be a stressful decision for your potential clients. Chances are they require your services due to a serious situation. You want your prospective customers to feel comfortable with their choice to work with you. It’s difficult to earn a reputation with someone you have yet to work with. However, there are many ways an attorney can establish themselves as an authority in their niche.

Blogging is a great way to exhibit the level of expertise you and your associates possess. Adding an industry blog to your firm’s website where you and your team regularly contribute to can be a great resource for visitors to your website. As a bonus, regularly adding relevant content to your website will increase your rankings on search engines such as Google.

Contribute to Other Online Publications

Lawyer Blog

Once you get into a habit of creating regular content for your own website, you may want to look for opportunities to contribute to other online publications as well. Speak to your local newspaper or chamber of commerce about contributes a regular column on their websites where you address legal matters of interest to their readers. Their followers will have regular exposure to you, putting your firm a the top of their mind should they ever find themselves in need of legal services. Being a contributing writer to local publications is an effective way to further improve your position as an authority in your niche.

Step in Front of the Camera

Lawyer Videos

Video is a powerful tool that every law firm should incorporate into their marketing plan. Online videos are shared often and receive a higher volume of engagement compared to other media. A video also gives potential clients a much more personal look at you and your law firm.

If you’re at a loss on what your videos should be about, this is another area where you can repurpose your blog content. Make a short video introducing your weekly blog topic and invite viewers to visit your website for the whole story. You can also use video to highlight your team members, educate your audience on legislation specific to your niche, or even try live streaming an attorney AMA (ask me anything) segment.

Utilize E-Mail Marketing

Email Marketing For Attorneys

Generating new content for your website and other publications can be very time-consuming. A smart marketing move would be to repurpose content wherever possible. You can promote your blog posts on social media but consider also creating a regular monthly newsletter where you can showcase your latest articles. Newsletters can be sent out to both past clients and warm prospects who have opted in on your website.

One thing that seasoned email marketers will always include in their newsletters is a “share this” option within an email. If you’re sharing quality content with your list, they will be more likely to share it with their own network, which could expose your work to some potential new customers.

Automate Referrals

How To Get Attorney Referrals

Once you’ve successfully helped a client navigate their legal situation, don’t be afraid to ask for them for a referral. Requesting that previous clients refer their friends and family to your firm doesn’t have to be an awkward situation.

Consider creating an automated email system that will send a prewritten message to clients after their case is wrapped up. In the email, be sure to thank them for their business and offer your services should they ever need them again in the future. End the thank you message with a short request for them to consider referring anyone else who would benefit from your services. Most clients are more than happy to help you out if they’ve had a pleasant experience with your team.

Get Help With SEO

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After spending the time to create quality content, you want to make sure that you do everything you can to drive traffic to your website. SEO, or search engine optimization, plays an important roll in any digital marketing strategy.

There are many factors that go into increasing your website’s SEO including proper backend formatting of your website, keyword research, and backlink campaigns. Many of these require a lot of time and expertise to execute correctly. Your firm would greatly benefit from hiring a consultant skilled in SEO to help optimize your website. A reputable consulting firm will have a variety of affordable SEO plans for you to choose from.

Scale with Paid Advertising

Attorney Pay-Per-Click

One of the fastest ways to scale your business and generate the maximum amount of leads is through paid digital advertisement. Pay-per-click ads on Google and Facebook are two of the most popular options for law firms looking to expand their reach online.

When initiating a paid ad campaign, be sure to have a clear, measurable performance indicator to ensure that you’re getting an adequate ROI on your advertising spending. For instance, if the goal of your campaign is generating leads, determine what the dollar value of each lead is and establish a maximum threshold of what you’re willing to pay per lead earned. Check on your ad performance regularly and adjust your budget as needed.