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Since 1990, AC Appliance’s Cooling & Heating Service has been a proud part of the Hesperia community. We have put great deal of effort into gaining the loyalty and repeat business of Hesperia residents throughout the years. Because our devoted clients like referring their family and friends to our reputable, reliable, locally-operated and owned business, we find that our reputation frequently precedes us. There’s no need to question if you’ve chosen an experienced heating and air conditioning company, because we are fully bonded, insured, and licensed. When you hire us, you’ll be working with a professional contractor with the skills and expertise necessary to do the job right the first time. Every member of our staff, from our office team to our technicians, is completely professional, honest, and friendly. We provide a 100% customer service guarantee because we always stand behind our work. When you select AC Appliance’s Cooling & Heating Service, you’ll always know that your business or home is in capable hands.


Air Conditioning Services

It’s crucial to choose an AC contractor who conducts business the way you deserve: reasonably, honestly, and consistently. Whether you need help with your existing air conditioner or it’s time for a new one, our experts are well-versed in all facets of air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair. With our comprehensive AC service offering, we’re ready to tackle any cooling service you might need.

We Offer:

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning Systems

Truly exciting innovations don’t come often in the HVAC industry. Mini-splits, however, have achieved just that. The most energy-efficient products on the market, these ductless systems promise an amazing 25 to 35 percent better efficiency. Mini splits are a great option when cost reduction and energy efficiency are top objectives. We at AC Appliance’s Cooling & Heating Service are experienced with installing these extraordinary systems, and we’d be pleased to demonstrate why we find their advantages to be so impressive.

Commercial Air Conditioning Services

You should look for an air conditioning contractor with extensive expertise in all commercial systems when it comes time to find the best HVAC company to service your business. We at AC Appliance’s Cooling & Heating Service are fully equipped to diagnose, fix, and install any component that your system needs. You’ve discovered the best HVAC contractor to keep your company cool and comfortable, whether your system breaks down in the midst of a hot day and your store is crowded with customers or you simply want to arrange periodic maintenance.

Programmable Thermostat Installation

Thermostats are not only getting more sophisticated, but they are also getting more functional. Perhaps you’ve been putting off an upgrade because you think a new “smart” thermostat will be difficult to understand and use. In addition to expertly installing your new thermostat, our friendly Hesperia air conditioning company professionals will also demonstrate how to utilize it. Give us a call and take advantage of the cost and energy savings that come with a programmable thermostat.

Emergency Air Conditioning Services

Your air conditioner breaking down is never a happy moment, but it almost always occurs on a weekend or on the warmest day of the year. Give AC Appliance’s Cooling & Heating Service a call and let us get you back up and running! No matter what time you call, a member of our friendly cooling company staff will be waiting on the other end of the line. We’ll diagnose the issue and handle your urgent HVAC service quickly. We’re happy to help you any day and any time.

Condenser Replacement

When air conditioners malfunction, condensers are frequently to blame. Your air conditioner will suffer if the condenser works poorly or fails to work at all. If a new condenser is required, AC Appliance’s Cooling & Heating Service will handle this crucial task quickly and effectively.

Air Conditioning System Installation

When you invest in a new air conditioner, you’ll want to find an HVAC company you can trust to install the unit correctly and handle it with care. Whether you need a new construction installation or you’re replacing an old AC unit, we have all the expertise required to get the job done efficiently and professionally. You can always trust your equipment in our capable hands.

Air Conditioner Replacement

We understand that air conditioner replacement is expensive, and we are honored when our customers trust us to complete their Hesperia AC replacement. Our valued customers know they can trust us to be diligent in our work, honest about everything you need to get your home comfortable and cool again, and up-front with pricing. As a seasoned AC company, we are aware of how upsetting it may be to learn that your air conditioner has to be replaced. After all, it’s a costly expenditure that the majority of people don’t anticipate. When you’re in this situation, the last thing you need is to deal with a company that doesn’t respect your money and time. We value your trust and will always explore all alternatives before suggesting an expensive replacement.

Freon Leak Services

Your air conditioner may gradually stop cooling as effectively or start to blow warm air when there is a freon leak. A freon leak can be temporarily fixed by “charging” the system with more refrigerant, but the unpleasant symptoms could soon return. Your home cooling contractor will immediately ascertain whether you have a freon leak when you call AC Appliance’s Cooling & Heating Service. Your technician will go over all possible solutions with you if a leak is discovered. Leaks can occasionally be quickly fixed with a new component. Leaks may also be a sign that your system needs to be changed in other situations. We always provide you with all the information you need to make an educated decision, and we promise to make the agreed-upon repairs on schedule.

Air Conditioner Tune-Up Services

For a variety of reasons, air conditioner tune-ups are a good idea. First off, by keeping your AC system in good shape, you could easily prolong its lifespan. Additionally, it might help you maintain a stable temperature in your house. By improving the efficiency of your system, you can lessen the amount of future repairs your system will need and lower your energy bills. Contact our Hesperia AC company to set up routine tune-ups so you can keep your house comfortably cool and save money, too!

Air Conditioner Repairs

The air conditioners of today are complicated systems with numerous functional components. In addition to their electrical parts, sophisticated wiring, and other elements, there are several models and brands available that have their own special features. Our HVAC company is adept at analyzing any issues and offering you repair choices, because we are very familiar with every type of air conditioner and all the characteristics they may have. We’ll never suggest a fix you don’t need, and we’ll always get the work done quickly and expertly. Call us right away to discuss your Hesperia AC repair!

Heating Services

One of your favorite aspects of our lovely state might be those cool California summer nights. But as the winter months approach, those cool nights turn into frigid ones. It can be difficult to relax and enjoy your home when your heater isn’t working properly. If you notice that your heater is struggling to keep up, it’s imperative to have a go-to local heating company to contact. You can always rely on us to return your house to the warm and inviting atmosphere you love, and our dependable furnace service takes care of any issues your heater could possibly have.

We offer:

Commercial Heating Services

Both your staff and your clients depend on you to keep your business at a suitable temperature. A pleasant setting allows patrons, clients, or customers to unwind, enjoy their time, and most of course, spend their money! A climate-controlled workplace helps staff be more productive. Our heating service menu includes all types of commercial heating systems. Our skilled experts excel at every part of heater repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are more than just a trendy convenience – they can increase system performance and save energy costs. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in selecting a thermostat that fulfills all the requirements of your busy lifestyle. Next, we’ll swiftly and expertly install your thermostat. Finally, we’ll show you how to make the most of your new equipment. Even our most technologically inept clients have benefited from our professional thermostat installation service’s numerous advantages!

Emergency Heating Services

Heaters frequently break down at the most inconvenient times. Don’t worry – our Hesperia heating services are accessible around-the-clock to identify and fix any heater issues. Weekends, holidays, and emergency situations in the middle of the night are no match for our qualified professionals. In no time, we’ll have you operating normally again.

New Heater Installation

A new heater is a significant investment, whether you’re remodeling your house, building a new home, or your existing heater has broken down. When you contact AC Appliance’s Cooling & Heating Service, it’s surprisingly simple to entrust our heating contractors with this significant responsibility. Our knowledgeable experts can assist you in selecting the heater that is perfect for you, your house, your budget, and your lifestyle, because they are knowledgeable about all the many types of heaters on the market today. Once you make your decision, they will quickly complete your expert installation.

Furnace System Installation

Hire a furnace contractor who appreciates you, your money, and your time when it’s time for a new furnace. For all of your installation needs, our skilled furnace company is the best choice for you, because we are knowledgeable about furnace systems of all models and makes. Your new equipment will be installed by our professionals in a timely and competent way. You only need to focus on taking pleasure in the warmth!

Heating System Replacement

Heaters endure a lot over time, supplying you with warm, pleasant temperatures and keeping you toasty throughout even the coldest months. Finding a heater contractor you can rely on to treat your new equipment with the respect it deserves and efficiently replace your unit is essential when your heater reaches the end of its useful life. A new heater is an investment, after all. The staff at AC Appliance’s Cooling & Heating Service respects you, your house, and your belongings. Every task is completed with care and concern, and we work as quickly as we can to free you up to continue with your demanding day.

Furnace Services

Our Hesperia furnace repair professionals are skilled at diagnosing and fixing any issues your furnace may face. We offer electric, oil, gas, and gravity furnace repair service in Hesperia. Furnaces come in many forms, and each one has its own unique set of potential challenges that each require an individualized approach. Our furnace repair techniques are far different than those we use to repair a modern electric furnace, for example. Our Hesperia gravity furnace replacement and repair services cover it all, so we are able to take care of any issues your system could be experiencing. If it’s time for furnace replacement, we’ll help you make the best choices for your home and select the best unit to suit your needs.

Heater Tune-Up Services

Regular heater tune-ups are crucial for maintaining your heater’s effectiveness and extending its lifespan. AC Appliance’s Cooling & Heating Service, your go-to local heater company, is delighted to schedule regular maintenance to protect your system and make sure you have a cozy winter.

Heater Repairs

Call a Hesperia heating contractor who puts you first if your heater is giving you problems. Hesperia heater repair is one of our specialties at AC Appliance’s Cooling & Heating Service, and we’re there whenever you need us. To identify the issue, our knowledgeable heater service professionals will first perform diagnostic testing on your system. They will then go through all of your options with you and assist you in choosing the repairs that make the most sense for your budget and your home. and your budget. If you give us the go-ahead, we’ll do all the necessary repairs so you can resume living and having fun in your well-heated home.

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