9 Article Ideas Guaranteed to Generate an Audience

Every website and blog owner is on the hunt for content that will make a reader go “Wow!” It may seem like an impossible task, but it’s actually quite doable with the right tactics.

This is true even if your industry is crowded with blogs and sites. You can still succeed. In order to do so, you need to keep coming up with ideas that will make people want to read your articles.

Small to medium-sized businesses, especially, need to stay creative to beat all of the noise online. If you’ve ever wondered how to get an audience consistently clicking on your articles, keep reading.

You’re about to find out nine article ideas that are guaranteed to stand out.

1. The How-To

If you’ve been paying attention to relevant keywords in your niche, you know that “how-to” searches rank highly. Everyone who’s been on the internet has searched for or seen a how-to article.

Some places like wikiHow and eHow have nothing but how-to lists on their site. If it’s a subject you’re interested in, it’s also one of the most fun blogs to read.

Think about some of the common questions your customers may have.

You can then create how-to articles showing them how to do a task. This can be a great place to incorporate video into your content plan.

2. Evergreen Content

A type of article that’s still generating traffic years after it was created. Sounds good right? With evergreen content, that could be your article.

So how do you create it?

This type of content is often educational or informative. That’s what makes people continue to share it, and link to it over a long period of time.

Another example is articles that contain research or statistics. If an article title contains a shocking or interesting stat or figure, it has evergreen potential.

It’s the difference between writing a post on a passing trend and one that answers a timeless question that readers have.

3. Long List Posts

List posts are a surprisingly easy type of article to write.

What’s more, they are great to get you both a bigger audience and more backlinks. They also give you a chance to show off your expertise in a subject area.

Start by picking a big idea that you’re confident you can write about. Get from that idea as many points as you can. Then, cut the list down to the most important points.

Now don’t forget the most important part–write a catchy headline with the number of points!

You must also include as many social buttons as you can to improve the chances of it being shared.

4. The Listicle

In addition to the “how-to” type of article, the internet was created for the listicle.

This much-loved and much-hated form of article is popular for good reason. Even The New York Times has defended it.

The core idea is simple. It’s a type of article whose main content is a list of items. For example, “Top 10 list ideas” would be a listicle.

5. The “Success” Post

Most people don’t like to brag on their own wins. If you want to get readers though, sharing your success can mean more clicks and views.

This type of post is one of the top personal blog post ideas that resonate with an audience. Who wouldn’t like to read “How we got 1 million customers in a month,” for example?

Don’t have a success story yet? Then think about your challenges and connect those to some that your readers might have.

If that post does well, continue to write articles in the same vein to chronicle your story.

6. Infographics

Infographics are proven to get the most social shares of any type of blog content. Create one and you’ll see your number of inbound links as well as your site traffic shoot up.

These visual types of posts are easy to understand and super accessible.

If you have a relatively dry topic, a punchy, bright infographic can make it seem fun. This also works for topics that may be difficult to understand.

7. FAQs

A list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their answers is one of the most engaging article types.

Stuck for ideas? Reach out to your customer service department or research on online forums. See what burning questions customers have, and answer them on your site.

8. An Old Post, Reinvented

If you’re reading this, you may already have a blog with some posts that didn’t do well. If you think it’s too late to turn those around, you’re wrong.

You can repurpose and republish an old post and get more exposure. One good place you can republish is on a Medium blog. The audience is large and you could actually drive people to your site.

Make sure that the information is still relevant and up to date. If there have been changes in your industry since you wrote it, say that.

If you don’t have any old articles or posts, you can still get in on this. Use other people’s old content and make it better.

They may have published a post that didn’t cover the subject matter well. You now have an opportunity to write a comprehensive post on the topic that puts a whole new spin on the issue.

9. The Beginner Guide

Your customers, just like you, have to start somewhere. Before you get into the advanced topics, a beginner’s guide can be a good place to start your article series.

Remember infographics? This is the perfect place to put one.

Implement These Article Ideas In Your Next Post

When you’re implementing these article ideas don’t forget to check your formatting. Use subheadings, bullet points, and numbers to make the content easy to scan.

Everyone can use help with optimizing their site and improving their search engine rankings. That’s where we come in. For tips on optimization, check out our article on the three different types of SEO.