7 Branding Strategies to Increase Your Web Presence

Your brand has no value to you if your audience isn’t familiar with it. You may have the best logo in your whole industry or the most innovative web design, but if you don’t have the right level of digital engagement, you’re doing something wrong.

Even the best brands can’t carry their own weight. They need strong branding strategies to keep growing their online presence and make lasting connections with users. This requires constant research and innovation; it means you need to be on-trend with audience behaviors while staying true to your brand.

Here are 7 digital brand marketing strategies to help you do just that.

1. Start a Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to expand your brand presence. It provides a never-ending opportunity to share fresh, relevant content with your users. When you get in the swing of publishing blogs regularly, you’re able to create a valuable conversation and keep it going.

This allows users to become familiar with who you are and what you do. Over time, they start to understand your brand values and your company culture, which is much more powerful than just recognizing your logo or your products.

2. Become an Industry Authority

It’s one thing to blog every once in a while or to talk about things that competitors have already shared on their blog. When you start to get serious about blogging and introduce interesting ideas to your users, though, everything changes.

This shifts your blog from something that just produces content and improves your SEO rankings to something that your audience desires. You become the go-to person for new industry trends and insights, you become the authority.

This is huge for your brand. Establishing yourself as an authority naturally draws people to you as they search for information. It makes it easier for consumers to trust you and supports your online brand presence because other blogs will start to link to your site as a reference for their topics.

You may even have people who are interested in guest posting on your site, which increases the amount of content you publish significantly. Or, you could be invited to guest post for the top online publications in your industry.

3. Make Your Brand Voice Shine

Whether you’re writing your very first blog or you’re submitting your first article for Forbes, you need to make sure your brand voice is evident. Your writing style should be consistent across all the online platforms you’re publishing on. But more than that, it should sound as familiar as if users were talking to a friend.

Close your eyes and think about a conversation you’d have with your mother versus with your best friend. The tone is probably a little different and the topics may vary as well. That’s what you don’t want to happen when people read your content online. Instead, it should feel like they’re talking to the same person (i.e. your brand) every single time.

4. Ask for User Feedback and Be Receptive

Keep in mind that you can create a back and forth conversation with your audience. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback in one of your blog CTAs or to post a poll on social media.

This does wonders for your overall brand presence. It tells users you value their opinion. It invites them to be a part of your brand instead of just being a fan or a consumer.

More so, it shows you’re willing to work with them when you make it a point to be receptive. This could be something as simple as responding to a review online or taking a user suggestion and turning it into a company initiative – like a new form of packaging or releasing a more eco-friendly product.

It’s not like you can take action on all the suggestions you receive. But, it is a good idea to stop and listen from time to time and see what your audience has to say.

5. Create a Team of Brand Ambassadors

Another great way to expand your online presence is to hire digital ambassadors.

Team up with social media influencers or reach out to people who already follow you. Ask them to share your brand with their audience, but do so in a way that is mutually beneficial. Influencers will often want financial payment or a hefty amount of free product, while everyday users who become ambassadors may be fine with a discount code or one free item.

Either way, the point is to leverage their audience to build your brand presence. When you invite other people to share who you are and what you do, you’re opening the door for more and more online users to get to know your brand.

6. Encourage Your Employees to Engage with the Brand

Here’s something to think about: your brand ambassadors don’t always have to be paid digital partnerships. Some of the best opportunities to expand your brand presence may be sitting right next to you in your office.

Make it a point for employees to engage with your online efforts. Ask them to share your company’s post on their social media and to talk about you in their own words from time to time.

This is an easy initiative to implement when you have a healthy company culture that employees can get behind and be excited about. If you notice people aren’t thrilled about talking about the business, you may have an internal issue on your hands worth addressing.

7. Be Consistent

The final way to succeed at improving your branding strategies is to be consistent with them. You can’t expect to grow user awareness and loyalty of your brand if you’re all over the place. Everything needs to be on-brand.

This goes for the logo you use on your website and all your social media accounts to the image filters and the kinds of captions you write. Remember: you want your brand to feel like an old friend a user already knows; they shouldn’t have to figure out who you are every time they interact with you online.

Make Your Branding Strategies Even Better with Professional Help

It’s one thing to read about effective branding strategies and another to create the online results you’re looking for. If your brand presence needs some help, it may be time to call in reinforcements. Don’t try to do everything on your own, call the professionals instead.

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