10 Ways Guest Blogging Can Help Your Website Thrive

Are you an eager blogger looking to collaborate with an industry leader? Or maybe you’re an industry leader allowing small businesses to post on your site.

Whether you’re a small, medium or major business, guest blogging is a great way to boost your popularity. Want to know how? Keep reading for 10 ways guest blogging can help your website thrive.

1. Bump Up Your SEO

If you want to get blog traffic to your site, then writing a guest post will go a long way. Pick a site that already has a steady stream of traffic and a loyal following, and you’ll instantly be exposed to hundreds, thousands or even millions of new hits!

When your website is featured on, or connected to a popular site, Google recognizes this and your name will jump up the queue of listings, meaning your SEO will improve.

2. Flaunt Your Authority

Guest blogging is a great way to show off your industry knowledge, and your content writing skills. When you write content that your collaborator’s readers love, it’ll pique their curiosity and leave them wanting more.

If you take the time to write an informative, well-composed blog post, you’ll be showing readers you know what you’re talking about. So, if they want more information on the subject, they’ll know just where to come.

3. Increase Your Traffic

If you’re wondering how to get traffic to your blog, guest posting is your answer. Your post on a collaborator’s website will likely include a link back to your website. These backlinks are key to revving up the traffic to your website.

Choose a catchy or informative piece of anchor text that highlights your products or services. And boom, just like that you’re suddenly open to a whole host of potential new clients from just one link.

4. Win at Social Media

Social media has exploded in the last 10 years. In fact, in 2019 it’s estimated that 2.77 billion people will be using social media. With stats like that, utilizing this important resource is a no-brainer.

Guest blogs can be hinted at or posted on social media, and when people share your content, publicity is excellent exposure for your business. Create stellar, gripping content and there’s even the possibility for it to go viral. So, what are you waiting for?

5. Ramp Up Your Followers

Sticking with the thread of social media, another lead on how to get blog traffic to your website is through new followers. Make sure your social media presence is strong, and your page hints at all your website has to offer.

Likes and shares from social media users will result in a boost in your profile, presence, and publicity. Followers lead to more followers, who lead to more followers, and so the cycle continues. And guest posting is a way to get in on that action.

6. Plump for Publicity

Again, what you’re looking for, whatever your business, is publicity. True, some will be good, and some will be bad. Competitors may have something to say about the content you write, but don’t be alarmed – controversial content could actually lead to more clicks!

After all, they say all publicity is good publicity, so don’t worry if your content isn’t what everybody wants to hear. Post the answer to a controversial question, and it’ll bring in clicks to both your business and your collaborators.

7. Grow Your Industry Contacts

When you utilize guest blogs, you naturally increase the number of industry contents in your address book. Knowledge is power, so getting your head together with other like-minded people in the industry benefits both business and client.

Contact with others in your market will help you all to know, understand, and make recommendations for products and services within the industry. It’ll also give potential customers a sense of safety because they know the expert information they’re getting is legit.

8. Catch Those Client Leads

Of course, along with making industry contacts through guest posts, you’ll also be reaching out to potential new clients and customers. When your post is featured on a well-respected, trusted website, you’ll be far more likely to gain leads from it.

It’s a big deal to be referred to by a popular, traffic-heavy website because your exposure to new clients can be huge. Make sure you work on your relationships with industry contacts, because the more you collaborate, the better your knowledge, exposure, and chance of success.

9. Nab the Niche

If you offer a specific product or service that fills a niche in your industry, then guest posts will help you meet your target customers more easily. While your collaborators are popular and successful, they may not be able to fill every client need.

When you’re featured on guest blogging sites that already serve your target market, but you offer something they don’t, you’ll automatically be exposed to tons of customers that need your services.

10. A Long-Term Return on Your Investment

Writing guest blogs can seem like a lot of work with not much return, but actually, the profitability is there, even if you can’t see it straight away. Once your blog is out in the ether, the viewing potential is huge.

Plus, markets and industries are always changing. What’s relatively unknown today could make headlines tomorrow. So, sometimes, the key is to hold tight. Maybe your blog won’t get you hits immediately. But with a changing market, the rewards could be just around the corner.

Help Your Website Thrive With Guest Blogging

Whatever the size of your business, you want it to keep thriving, right? Guest blogging is a great tool for a healthy website and introducing new clients to your business.

Be or use a guest blogger, and you’ll increase your publicity, gain new clients, and help fledgling businesses grow. And if you fill a niche in the market, you’ll be able to tell the world about it much more easily!

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