10 Amazing Benefits of Video Marketing You Can’t Miss

The Internet has introduced so many great marketing strategies. Everything from social media to SEO, blogs and more is being used by businesses worldwide.

One of the newest and most effective forms is video marketing. A huge 81% of businesses now use video marketing to promote their products and services.

There are a lot of benefits of video marketing. It spreads your message with ease and effectiveness. It makes it easy and entertaining for your audience to engage with your company. No matter what you’re trying to get out there, it makes the message clear.

The Benefits of Video Marketing: What is it?

Before we get into some of the greatest benefits of video marketing, let’s discuss what it is first.

Video marketing is when a business uses video formats to promote a product or services. It’s a great way to spread a message about your company. Got a new product? Any upcoming promotions? A video is a great way to let people know.

It’s a great marketing strategy with lots of benefits. It’s easy and accessible and more engaging than a long blog post or press release.

Now you know the basics, let’s look at 10 of the greatest benefits of video marketing.

1. Spread the Word

Everyone is using social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. They’re great tools for marketing, and adding videos will help make them more engaging.

It requires very little effort to watch a video and if it’s on a popular social network, it’s easy to find. Make your content engaging, brief and informative. Make sure it’s not too forceful people will enjoy watching it.

2. Reach New Audiences

Social media and video streaming sites aren’t only for younger audiences. There are over 2.77 billion users of these websites and you can find your demographic anywhere.

All major social media sites support and encourage video sharing, so use it to your advantage. Experiment with each site and try to tailor your video content for each one. You’ll find that different stuff will work better with some sites than with others.

3. Boost Your SEO Rankings

When it comes to marketing strategies, SEO is very powerful. Your search engine rankings need to be as high as possible to get people onto your website.

When you add video content to your website, this adds to your SEO rankings. Use sites like YouTube since it’s owned by Google. Make sure to use popular hashtags and eye-catching video titles.

Every click is important and could result in a high ROI.

4. Improve Your Social Media

Social media marketing and video marketing go hand in hand. They help each other and can make your business get more recognition.

Adding video to your posts will make it more engaging. Instead of making boring, corporate videos, try to make them entertaining. Add an emotional or funny element and encourage people to share.

It helps get your name out there and can result in people heading over to your site to check out your products.

5. Build Trust

You want your brand to be one that people trust. If people trust your brand, they’ll come to your rather than your competitor. Building trust with customers can take a long time, but it’s worth it.

Video content evoking an emotional response will help garner trust with your audience. It shows your company is one that cares. If audiences are skeptical of buying your products, it can be harder to sell to them. But, a good promotional video can give them the confidence to do so.

6. Improve Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest and most effective strategies. But the hardest part about it is getting people to open your emails and read on.

A good subject line is key, and adding a video is a great way to get those clicks. Adding video in your emails makes it more engaging for the recipient. It spreads the message and makes email marketing campaigns more fun!

7. Make It Mobile

Everyone owns a smartphone now, so it makes sense to create content people can watch on the go.

Create video content which makes it easier to watch on smartphones. Film in portrait mode for sites like Instagram and make it easy to click through links on the video.

You can upload and share videos right from your mobile. It’s easier for audiences to share via mobile platforms too, so it’s well worth utilizing it.

8. Expose Your Brand

You want the world to recognize your brand name. You want it to be a household name like Google or Samsung.

When you make videos, it’s your chance to expose audiences to your brand. Include a logo, add a slogan that people will recognize.

Whenever someone sees it, your brand will become more and more recognizable.

9. Get More Content In One Place

When you make a social post or email campaign, there’s only so much content you can include. You may feel like it lacks information or key elements.

The beauty of video marketing is that you can get a lot more content in one place. A 2-minute long video could provide more information than a tweet or email ever could.

The visual format makes it a lot more engaging for the viewer and you can provide all the key points you’d like. It makes it into a better user experience for everyone.

10. Future Proof

To keep up with your competitors, you have to keep up with current trends. If you fail to adapt to popular trends like video marketing, you’ll get left behind.

Most people are on the Internet watching videos and using social media. More and more online content is going to consist of video, so get involved.

Make sure the experience is enjoyable, fun and engaging for the audience. If it is, the greater the chance of generating sales well into the future.

The Benefits of Video Marketing: Get Started Today!

There are a lot of great benefits of video marketing, and these are great reasons to get started. It’s the best way to stay ahead of the curve and keep your business on top.

Video marketing is the future of digital marketing. It’s the best way to connect with your audience. It also provides a better experience than text-based campaigns. What are you waiting for? It’s time to start using video marketing to your advantage!

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